The Company

LAVRIS’ main line of operations consists of presenting original productions, as well as bringing foreign artists to Greece, undertaking all stages of production and organization:

from the conception of the initial idea, to the research that follows, to finding the right space and sponsors, to ticketing, to press promotion and advertising campaigns,

Always serving art and culture, LAVRIS presented, and often introduced to the audience, very important artists in a variety of fields and genres:

From classical music, to orchestras and soloists, to famous pop, rock, and jazz stars, and from Greek folk and byzantine tradition, to the great Greek composers and performers.

From classical ballet and top notch leading performers, to the most contemporary and subversive choreographers.

From theatre and alternative interactive shows, to big family and children’s shows, and finally, to important exhibitions and international conferences.

LAVRIS founded original Festivals and also curated the programs of festivals of various other organizations. Up until today, Lavris consistently works with the most respected Greek organizations, presenting its events in landmark venues and big stadiums in Greece, while also promoting representative Greek acts and artists abroad.

Aiming to constantly present to Greek audiences acclaimed creators, along with the latest trends, Lavris took particular interest in research and cultural diplomacy, becoming part of big foreign networks and establishing stable contact with the international arts scene.

Lavris, with the characteristic qualities of the ethos of its cultural product and the variety in themes and styles, expressed the subject of the coexistence of quality and spectacle, protecting original intellectual creation and ensuring mass reception and success.

Today, preserving its aesthetic uniqueness and freshness, experienced, respected, original and effective, Lavris guarantees the continuation of organizing Greek and international events, based on its history, know-how, wide variety, dynamic and reputation.

Lavris’ diverse cultural agenda includes, amongst many others:

In Classical Music: big Symphonic Orchestras from St. Petersburg, Jerusalem, Buenos Aires, Moscow ect.) and great directors and soloists, such as Yuri Temirkanov, Vladimir Spivakov, Sviatoslav Richter, Mika (Mstislav?) Rostopovich.

In classical and contemporary dance: historical companies, such as Bolshoi, New York City Ballet and Momix and top dancers such as Silvie guillem, Svetlana Zakharova, Sergei Pollunin, Natalia Osipova and Ivan Vassiliev, to acclaimed Greek dance companies, such as Konstantinos Rigos’ OKTANA.

In big family shows: the “world’s greatest spectacle”, the renown Cirque du Soleil, as well as other exciting productions, such as La Quadra de Sevilla and Cirque Eloise.

In theatre: big theatre companies such as the Berliner Ensemble and famous actors such as Jeremy irons, Roberto Benigni.

In modern international music: from superstars such as Lady Gaga, James Brown and Ray Charles, to great artists such as Woody Allen, B.B. KING, Luz Casal, Chick Korea, Jan Carbarek and others.

In religious music: famous choirs, such as the Vienna Boys Choir, the Russian Orthodox Choir and the Hilliard Ensemble.

In children’s chows: original creators such as Pep Bou and Jordi Bertran.

In Street Theatre: innovative companies, such as Adesa and Amlima.

In alternative spectacles: top-notch acts, such as the Wadaiko Ichiro Drummers and Yamato, and interactive exhibitions such as Van Gogh Alive: the experience.

In folklore shows: internationally acclaimed companies, such as the Moiseyev Ballet and The Cossacks from Russia, as well as Greek traditional acts.

LAVRIS has worked with all of the most important cultural organizations in Greece, such as

the Greek Festival,

the Thessaloniki Film Festival,

the Concert Halls in Athens and Thessaloniki,

the National Opera,

as well as with

the World Council of Hellenism Abroad,

the Ministries of Culture and Foreign Affairs and

all the major Embassies of foreign countries in Greece.

Our productions are presented in major theaters, such as

the Odeon of Herodes Atticus (Herodeon),

the ancient Theatre of Epidaurus,

the Concert Halls in Athens and Thessaloniki,

the National Opera,

as well as in big outdoor and indoor stadiums such as

the Olympic Stadium,

τand the Peace and Friendship Stadium,

and open air spaces, such as

the Roman Agora of Athens

and the Port of Thessaloniki.

Lavris, with its own initiative and funds, founded two new, fully independent institutions in Athens (Athens Jazz Festival, Soloists Festival), along with the creation of festivals in the periphery of Greece (Kassandra Rock Festival, Kerkini Lake Festival ect.).

Furthermore, Lavris played a definitive part in organizing and curating many festivals on behalf of other organizations, with the characteristic examples of the Kalamata International Dance festival and the Kassandra International Festival.

LAVRIS has been conducting rigorous research for over 25 years, gathering and organizing valuable information and creating important archives regarding contemporary creation in a national and international level.

Lavris organized big art, photography, graphic design and archival exhibitions (Interactive Van Gogh Exhibition, State Theatre of Northern Greece costume exhibition ect.), and organized tributes and conferences, such as the Balkan Performing Arts Market.

Lavris, individually or through collaboration, presented and exported representative Greek acts and artists in major cities around the world, from North and South America, Europe and Russia, to the Far East, Australia, Northern Africa ect.

One of the highlights is the simultaneous presentation of 10 acts as part of international networks, including APAP and ISPA in New York, CINARS in Montreal and APAA in Hong Kong.

The presented acts, represented a wide spectrum of artistic creation, from music and theatre, to traditional and folk themes. This specific venture became reality exclusively with Lavris’ own funds, and up until today hasn’t been attempted by any other Greek agency.

Realizing early on, the importance of international cultural traffic, of bidirectional information and exchange of opinions and products, for the promotion of contemporary artistic creation through cultural diplomacy, Lavris has been actively following for years the latest events, while staying up to date, informing and participating in major festivals around the world and big international cultural networks.

Up to this day, Lavris, with its continuous, active and universal participation, has set the foundation and established long-lasting relationships with major foreign presenting organizations, often being the only Greek presence, not only from the private sector, but from the public and state ones as well.

Lavris has taken part as a full member in the below international networks:

Informal European Theatre Meeting

Association of Performing Arts Presenters

International Society for the Performing Arts Foundation

Commerce International des Arts de la Scène

Instituto International del Teatro del Mediterraneo

Lavris is the only Greek cultural company that produces original contemporary shows of international reach and prospect.

Right now, Lavris is preparing two major productions of international standards, with a strict focus on Greek themes, which will begin their world tours in 2018 and 2020 respectively.