Jeremy Irons - “A Christmas Carol”

An original idea and production by Lavris.

A leading actor, a famed artist, a famous star, Jeremy Irons graced Athens with his glamorous presence and wished us “Happy Holidays” with his unique performance, accompanied by live music.

«A Christmas Carol»

On one hand, we have Jeremy Irons the Oscar, Tony, Emmy, Golden Globe winner, the student of Laurence Olivier and star of the Old Vic, who has worked with Felini, Jeffireli, Bertoluci, and starred along Meryl Streep, Glen Glose, Vanessa Redgrave, Al Pacino, Robert de Niro, Bruce Willis, John Malcovic, who performs for us an equally famous role, that of the infamous penny-saver of our childhood, Scrooge, narrating the most famous “Christmas Carol” in the world.

Charles Dickens’ beloved «A Christmas Carol» is a widely read masterpiece of world literature, a charming “fairytale” for children and adults alike, which puts emphasis on universal human values, nostalgically recalls fond memories and spreads messages of love, joy, warmth, hope, and peacefulness, feelings so essential in times of crisis and capable of breaking the shackles of any introversion, misery or melancholy.

On the other hand, a fortunate musical meeting. A collaboration of important soloists, of the Melos Bras Brass band, the string quartet Tetraktis and the percussionist Dimitris Desilas. Under the direction of the great Maestro Alexandros Mirat, they flooded the foyer of the Athens Concert Hall with charming melodies and carols from all over the world. The cheerful sounds of the brass instruments, generously spreading glee and hopefulness, adding color to the holiday atmosphere during the spectators’ arrival, along with the high aesthetic value and the entertainment on stage, made this unique musical-theatrical performance into a true Christmas gala, always with the imposing presence of Mr. Jeremy Irons, which added the necessary glamour and prestige of a true celebration to the holiday spirit of a true metropolitan centre!